When you install Officely, the first step is to set up your office(s). If you have more than one office you'll need to upgrade to our paid plan.

Step 1: To get started head to the Officely app and click on 'Create an office'.

Step 2: Click on Create Your Office

Step 3: Enter your office location, this can either be your specific address ie 3 Officely Close or something more general like London or UK.

You'll then see this screen where you can name your office:

Step 4: Add your office managers. This is anyone you want to have admin access to Officely. This is typically the Office Manager, HR or Senior Leadership. Then click create!

Step 5: Create a neighbourhood by clicking on 'Add Neighbourhoods'. Then enter the name and number of desks including (optional category). Once added, click create!

Step 6: Click join.

Click next.

You're ready to launch Officely and to go ahead and create as many offices and neighbourhoods as you like!

Need more help? Here's a step-by-step video:

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