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How to Send Daily Health Surveys
How to Send Daily Health Surveys
Create, customize and enable your own health survey to be sent out daily to employees.
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Health Surveys are for businesses who are still taking precautions when it comes to employee health.

When enabled, Health Surveys are sent to employees that are booked into the office at 7AM each day.

Your employee will answer the questions set by you, and can determine whether they will be coming into the office.

You can combine this feature with your Officely data and analytics to find out who's been in and when, in the event that somebody is taken ill.

How to Set up Health Surveys

Make sure you're on the Officely homepage.

  1. Head to Settings and then the Offices tab.

  2. Scroll to your office name and select the three dots next to each office, before clicking on Health Controls.

    Health Surveys are controlled at the office level, so you can set different Health Surveys for each office.

Within Health Control, scroll down to Health Surveys and click on the three dots.

Within this, you can choose...

  • Enable: Enable your Health Survey once it's been set up

  • Preview: Preview our Health Survey template and if you're happy with it you can enable it immediately.

  • Customize: Customize the Health Survey to include your own questions.

Create Your Own Health Survey for Officely

Follow the above steps and in the final one, select Customize.

You'll then be asked to Add a Question.

Step 1: Enter your question (eg. have you been abroad in the last 14 days).

Step 2: Select whether a response is required and whether you want to accept multiple answers.

Step 3: Click Add possible answer

Step 4: Enter all possible answers (ie "Yes" and "No")

Select the Rules for Each Question

For each question, you can add a set of rules. The following rules can be applied:

  • Deny entry to the office

  • Notify office managers

Customise Send Time

Once you have created your survey you can customise the send time.

You can choose between sending the survey the night before employees are due in the office (at 4PM, 5PM or 6PM. Or the day they are due in the office (at 6AM, 7AM or 8AM).

Health Survey Deadline

If your employees do not complete the survey before they arrive at the office, the office manager will be alerted (the admin set up in Officely).

You can customise the deadline between 8AM and 12PM.

You can then remind all individuals that have not yet completed the survey by clicking Send a reminder.

Click Refresh to keep track of who still hasn't completed the survey after you reminded them.

Enable Health Survey

When you are happy click on the three dots and select Enable.

Extract Health Survey Data

If you want to extract all historical health survey data, including seeing who has and has not been completing the survey, click on the three dots -> Export Data.

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Need more help? Here's a step-by-step video:

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