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How to set up automatic team scheduling

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What are Teams?

Teams allow you to automatically book a group of people into the office on a set schedule.

For example, you might set the Sales team to go into the office every Monday and Tuesday and the Marketing team to go in every Thursday and Friday.

How to Set Up Teams

From the Officely app go to Quick Action > Settings > Teams > Add New

Step 1: Give your Team a name

eg. Sales team.

Step 2: Add the relevant members to your team

This might be every person in the sales team.

Step 3: Set the location

This is the office where the Team will be based.

Step 4: Set the Neighbourhood

This is the area of the office where the team will sit.

Step 5: Select how often you would like your team in the office

Click Change under the Recurring Bookings section.

Next, select how often you want to be scheduled into the office, and choose which days you wish to be in the office.

You can then hit submit.

Step 6: Add Managers (optional)

Managers are able to change the settings of the Team.
You can add someone that isn't a member of the team if you want them to be able to amend the Team without being scheduled in as part of the team.

An example of this might be an Office Manager or HR.

Step 7: You're all done!

That's all done. Your team will now be scheduled into the office.

Need more help? Feel free to reach out to one of our team members who will be more than happy to help!

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