This article is for you if you wish to only let employees back into the office if they have been vaccinated. Or, if you just wish to know who has been vaccinated in your team.

This is achieved through Health Surveys. To access Health Surveys, open Officely and then go to Settings -> Offices (at the top) -> three dots to the right of your office -> Health Controls. Then click on the three dots on the right-hand side of the Health Surveys section -> Customise.

To then ask if your employees have been vaccinated, click 'Add Question'.

Enter the question in the text box. This might be "Please confirm you have been vaccinated and you have uploaded your certificate here".

NB: In order to add links you need to use the following format:


Replace '' with the link to where you want the certificate uploaded (this can be a Google Drive or equivalent) and replace "here" with the text you want the link to display on.

Then click 'Add possible answer'. You'll need two answers, most likely 'Yes' and 'No'. Enter 'Yes' into the text box and then click 'Add'. Then click 'Add possible Answer' again and enter 'No'.

NB: if you want to deny access to the office if the employee has not been vaccinated, select 'If selected, notify office managers and deny entry to the office'.

Click Add and then Save. And you're all done! Your employees will now receive that message each time they come into the office.

NB: the survey will remember each employees answers, so an employee only has to select that they have been vaccinated once. On the next visit to the office, it will automatically select that answer.

To make sure you are happy with the set-up, click 'Preview' to see what your employees will see.

Need more help? Here's a step by step video:

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