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✍️ How to record Covid test results
✍️ How to record Covid test results
Ask for lateral flow or PCR test results as part of the daily health surveys.
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If you require your employees to take a COVID test before coming into the office you can record the results in your daily health surveys.

💡 Officely does not store the test results, we provide a link for you to store them in your system.

Step 1: Create a file in your system where you want the results to be stored.

This might be in a Google Drive, Microsoft Drive, Dropbox folder or equivalent, (in this example we've used Google Drive).

Make sure your employees have access to this file.

Copy the link to the file.

Step 2: Open Officely and scroll down to Settings

Step 3: Click Offices at the top

Step 4: Click on the three dots next to the relevant office (if you have multiple offices, you'll need to repeat these steps for each office).

Step 5: Click Health Controls

Step 6: Click on the three dots next to Health Surveys

Step 7: Click Customise

You now need to create a new question asking for the test results:

Step 1: Click Add Question

Step 2: Enter the question you wish to ask. This might be "Please confirm you have uploaded a negative test result here".

NB: In order to add links you need to use the following format:


Replace '' with the link to where you want the result uploaded (this can be a Google Drive or equivalent) and replace "here" with the text you want the link to display on.

Step 3: Click Add possible answer. You'll need two answers, most likely 'Yes' and 'No'. Enter 'Yes' into the text box and then click 'Add'. Then click Add possible answer again and enter 'No'.

NB: if you want to deny access to the office if the employee has not uploaded a negative test result, click 'If selected, notify office managers and deny entry to the office'.

Step 4: Click Add and then Save.

And you're all done! Your employees will now receive that message each time they come into the office.

To make sure you are happy with the set-up, click 'Preview' to see what your employees will see.

Need more help? Here's a step by step video:

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