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πŸ’² How Our Pricing Works
πŸ’² How Our Pricing Works
How we calculate your monthly subscription.
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Officely's fair billing policy

We believe in flexible working for employees. People deserve to be trusted to set their own routines and schedules based on how and where they work best.

One month your employees may want to come in every day, while in another they may decide to reduce their attendance to once or twice a week.

Most desk booking tools make you pay by the desk. This means that you'll pay the same amount whether you have 100 employees using the office or one.

We don't think that's fair.

So at Officely, we charge you by the number of employees who actually use the office.

At the end of each billing cycle, we look back and see how many employees have booked into the office and we charge you for that number.

That means if you have to close your office for a day or need to close your office for a full month, we will charge you nothing.

Does it matter how often an employee comes into the office?

No, it doesn't matter if they book in once or 30 times in a month, we charge $2.50 per employee.

Does it matter how many people I invite to Officely?

No, we charge based on those who book into the office rather than those who are invited to use Officely.

Monthly contracts vs. annual contracts

We're so confident you'll love Officely, we don't tie you into annual contracts. You can cancel whenever you like. No questions asked.

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