If your office has multiple neighbourhoods to choose from, you will be used to the neighbourhood selector popping up each time you book. This can become annoying for those who regularly book into the same neighbourhood. One-click bookings allow you to skip this step and book into the office, well..., in one click!

How to enable it

Choose your favourite neighbourhoods

Firstly you will need to choose up to 3 of your favourite neighbourhoods. These are the neighbourhoods you are happy to book into (provided there is availability on the day)

Settings > Your Account > Favourite Neighbourhoods

Enable One-click bookings

After you have chosen your favourite neighbourhoods, a new section will appear below allowing you to enable one-click bookings

Settings > Your Account > One-click bookings

Now try it out. Go to Officely, find a day with good availability and click 'Join' - you should be booked straight in without needing to select your neighbourhood first 👌

Common issues

I can't see the option for one-click bookings

This is usually because you need to choose your favourite neighbourhoods. If you cannot see this section, then your office manager may have disabled neighbourhoods altogether. In which case, you should be able to book into the office in one click regardless! 🎉

I still have to choose a neighbourhood each time I book

If you are sure you have enabled one-click bookings (check the steps above), then this is likely because your favourite neighbourhoods are fully booked. In this scenario, you will need to pick another one.

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