Booking into the office is one of the core pieces of functionality within Officely. It's one of the first things you should test out and get comfortable with.

Depending on how your company has configured Officely, this may mean you are reserving a desk, or it may mean you are simply registering that you will be attending on that day

Making a booking

Note: Upon visiting Officely for the first time, you will be asked to choose your office and complete a short tutorial

Navigate to Officely (on your sidebar in Slack) and check you have the right view - by default Officely will always show you 'Coming up' which includes the current week and next week

☝️ You can view dates further in the future by clicking on the dropdown menu

Note: If you can't see this menu, then it has been disabled by your manager

You will see each weekday listed below (similar to a typical calendar or schedule). Click 'Join' on the days you want to book

☝️ Click 'Join' on the days you want to book

Note: you may be asked to select a neighbourhood. This is simply the area within the office you would like to sit

Cancelling a booking

To cancel a booking, simply click on the '✗ Cancel' button

Cancelling from the popup view

Alternatively, you can cancel from the popup view that appears when you click 'View more'

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