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πŸ’‰ Vaccination Certificates & Test Results
πŸ’‰ Vaccination Certificates & Test Results
Ensure everyone coming into the office is fully vaccinated or has submitted a negative test result
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Note: By default, this feature is DISABLED

Privacy and Security

The documents that your employees submit will be stored in Slack.

Only Officely managers for this office, the individual employee and Slack admins (for Business+ and enterprise grid accounts) will have access to these files.

For some parts of the world it remains a legal requirement for employees attending the office to provide proof of vaccination or a negative test result.

Our Vaccination & Test Results feature enables you to comply and track this in a simple manner, all within slack.

You have the choice of:

  • Only allowing vaccinated employees into the office

  • Or allowing vaccinated employees and employees who have submitted a recent negative test result into the office

Step by step guide

  1. Enable the Vaccination Feature

    In order to use this you must first enable the Vaccination feature.

    Head to to Officely homepage, then go to:

    Settings > Offices

    Find the office you want to enable this feature on and select the Three Dots

    Health Controls, Three Dots

    Vaccination & Test Results Enable

πŸ’‘ Once you have enabled it, anyone trying to book into the office in the next three days will receive this pop up when trying to book in:

If an employee tries to book more than three days ahead, they will be allowed to book, but will receive a message three days before the booking asking them to submit the required information.

This is to ensure the test results are as recent as possible.

2. Customise it

Once enabled, you can customise your set-up.

If you wish to allow employees to submit a negative test result instead of a COVID vaccination certificate click on the banner next to the Negative Test Validity Window and select how recently the test needs to have been completed.

For example, if you select 2 days and an employee attempts to book on the 3rd January, the test must have been completed on the 1st January or later.

What will the employees see?

As you previously saw, the employees will not be able to book into the office on the same day or up to three days ahead without submitting a valid proof of vaccination.

(This gives the office managers enough notice to approve the documents.)

These are the simple steps that the employees will need to take in order to provide their proof of vaccination:

1. Click on Go to messages, attach file.

2. Upload their proof of vaccination or negative test result by using the Attach file button

3. Upload your photo or a document

4. Specify the document type, insert the date of the vaccination or negative test result and send it to your local office.

5. Click submit for approval and wait for the office managers to review and approve.

πŸ’‘ If for any reason the document is unclear and the employee needs to retake it, you'll be able to send them a reason and action steps alongside the rejection note.

Once approved, the employee will be able to book into the office as normal.

Action steps for the Office Manager

In order for an employee to be able to book into the office, you must first approve their proof of vaccine or negative test result. Once an employee submits their document, these are the steps the office manager must take:

1. You'll receive a message from Officely in Slack asking you to review the submitted information.

2. If you notice they selected the wrong document type or there is a small typo, you can modify the document yourself

3. If the document is blurry or there seems to be something wrong with it, you can reject it and let the employee know the adjustments they need to make (ie the picture is too blurry, please resubmit)

4. Once approved, the employee will receive this message and they will be able to book themselves into the office.


Employees will receive reminders about their submissions if they have future bookings.

However, if the employee does not submit the proof of vaccination document in the timeframe that you've specified, their future booking will be cancelled.

The office manager will be notified so they can act accordingly

Here is a video guiding you step by step:

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with the support team below.

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