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How much does Officely cost?
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Officely's fair billing policy

We know that the future of work is hybrid. Not only do we practice hybrid working ourselves (we use Officely too!), we also understand the necessity for workplaces to be flexible.

Most desk booking tools make you pay by the desks.

No matter how big your company is, if you only have a small number of people coming into the office each day, this quickly becomes expensive, and we don't think that's fair.

At Officely, we charge you by the number of employees who actually use the office.

At the end of each billing cycle, we look back and see how many employees have booked into the office and we charge you for that number.

This means if you have to shut your office for a month, we will charge you nothing. If it's not booked, you won't pay.

Officely Pricing FAQs

Does it matter how often an employee comes into the office?

No, it doesn't matter if they book in once or 30 times in a month, we charge $2.50 per active employee.

Does it matter how many people I invite to Officely?

No, we charge based on those who book into the office rather than those who are invited to use Officely.

Monthly contracts vs. annual contracts

We're so confident you'll love Officely that we don't tie you into annual contracts. You can cancel whenever you like. No questions asked.

💡 Still have questions about Officely pricing? Get in touch with our customer service team via the chat button on the right of your screen!

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