1. ‘Extras

This works wonders! Extras allow your employees to book anything that's not a desk, from lunches to parking spaces, even dogs! We've found more people come into the office if something extra is on offer, whether that's a free meal or just a pat of a furry friend.

Our customer favourites are:

- Dogs 🐶
- Parking spots 🅿️
- Lunches 🥣
- Drinks after work 🥂

2. ‘Officely FM

We're social beings, people being in the office encourages other people to go in. Officely FM sends a message to a channel in Slack telling everyone who is booked into the office for the next day, prompting others to book in so they don’t miss out on all the fun (we mean work) in the office.

3. Notices

Notices are a great way to notify the employees about any events happening or other important information. It could be anything from an employee’s birthday to a fire alarm test.

➕ A bonus suggestion from us at Officely is the Office Chat functionality!

This creates a new channel in Slack with everyone booked into the office so you can chat anything from coffee spots to lunch breaks 🌮 without bothering those working from home.

If you have any questions regarding any of these features feel free to contact our support team! We'll be happy to chat 🤗

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