Welcome to Officely! We are the only desk booking tool that lives in Slack. We help you to organise socials, have visibly over when your colleagues are next in the office and we help to ensure that you and your team are safe.

Part 1: Joining steps

  1. Star the App

Once you're invited to the Officely app you'll notice the Officely app pop up on the left-hand side task bar. As a first step we recommend for you to star it so it's easier to access in the future. You can do this by right-clicking and 'Starting the Conversation'.

2. Head to 'Messages'

You'll find a short intro to Officely in the 'Messages' tab right on the top of the page next to the Officely 'Home' tab . Once you follow the steps you will then be taken to the page with the weekly schedule.

3. Book into the office

To book in, all you need to do is click join. Then chose a neighbourhood or a desk or a hot-desking area (depending on how your team have set up the desks).

4. If enabled chose an 'Extra'

To book in an extra, click on the three dots on the right-hand side and chose an extra of prefference!

5. You're booked in!

All that's left to do is go ahead, pack your work bag and go build some great relationships with your team!

Part 2: Additional options

  1. Book in a guest

If you have a client or a guest coming in, it's important to book them in so it's visible to the team. It will also help the office manager to keep the booking data clean. Here are the steps to book a guest in:

Click on view more on the chosen day (you'll find the view more button next to the 'Join' button on the Officely Home page). Then head to Guests > Create New Guest.

(note: we won't send the guest any communication from us)

2. Create reccurring bookings

If you know you'll be regularly attending the office and you know your preferred days then we recommend for you to enable recurring bookings with the Recurring Bookings feature.

To do that head to the Officely Home Page > Settings > Your Account > Enable. Once you do that you can specify how frequently you'd like to be in the office and on what days in particular.

3. Sync your Slack status

Once enabled, our status sync will add a 🏢 emoji to your status to show when you are in the office. To set up head to Officely Home -> Settings and then in the Slack Status box click 'Sync'. You will then be taken through an approval flow.

4. Use Gmail? Integrate your Gcal!

Officely offers an integration with your Google Calendar so that all your office days are synced in your calendar. To set-up head to Officely Home > Settings > Click 'Connect' the Google Calendar box. Google will then take you through an authorisation flow.

Some features you may want to learn more about:

Health surveys

If your workspace has enabled this feature then you'll be sent a Health Survey at 7 am each morning asking you some questions about your health. All you'll need to do is tick the answers that are relevant to you and you're good to go!

Here is an example of the survey:

You'll receive this in your message tab, you can answer the questionaire via the desktop or mobile app.

Note: If you are experiencing any of the symptoms stated you will receive a message asking you to stay at home that day. Your office manager will also be notified to stay in the loop. No need to cancel your booking, we'll take care of that.

Vaccination Certificates & Test Results

If your workspace has enabled this feature then you'll be asked to either submit your vaccination certificate or a negative test result. Or just one of the above.

When selecting a day you'd like to make your booking you'll see this pop up asking you to either submit a negative test result or a vaccination certificate. To do that:

1. Click on 'Go to messages, attach file'

2. Upload a vaccination certificate or your negative test result by using the "Attach file" button

3. Upload your photo or a document

4. Specify the document type, insert the date of the vaccination or negative test result and send it to your local office

5. Click submit for approval and wait for the office managers to review and approve

Note: if for any reason the document is unclear and you need to retake it, the office manager will send you a notification and action steps alongside the note.

Once approved you'll be able to book into the office as usual.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with the support team below.

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