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Get Started With Officely (Employees)
πŸ‘‹ Employee Introduction to Officely
πŸ‘‹ Employee Introduction to Officely
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Welcome to Officely! We are the only desk booking tool that lives in Slack.

We give you visibility on who's in the office and when, help you organize socials, and better manage your hybrid workspace!

Follow the below steps to get set up on Officely, and get involved in what's happening in your office this week.

How to Join Officely

1. Check out Officely Home

Once you're invited to the Officely app you'll notice the Officely app pop up on the left-hand side taskbar.

This is your homepage and dashboard. It's where you'll find everything you need about who's in the office and what's happening each week.

2. Head to Messages

Within the Officely app, you'll find the Messages tab. There's a short introduction to Officely in there to help get you started.

Once you follow these steps you will then be taken to the page with the weekly schedule. This will be your Officely homepage from now on.

3. Book into the office

To book in, all you need to do is click Join.

You can then choose a Neighborhood, a desk, or a hot-desking area (depending on how your team has set up the desks).

4. If enabled, choose an Extra

To book an Extra, click on the three dots on the right-hand side and chose an Extra of preference!

5. You're booked in!

All that's left to do is go ahead, pack your work bag, and go build some great relationships with your team!

How to Use Additional Features

1. Book a Guest

If you have a client or a guest coming in, it's important to book them in so it's visible to the team.

It will also help the Officely admin keep the booking data clean. You can use this Help Center article to book in a guest, or follow the quick steps below:

1. Find the day you want to book your guest in and click on View More next to the Join button.

2. Head to Guests.

3. Click on Create New Guest and enter your guests details.

πŸ’‘ Note: Officely won't send the guest any communication

2. Create recurring bookings

This is a premium feature only

If you know you'll be regularly attending the office and you know your preferred days, you can book in with one-click.

This is our Recurring Bookings feature, learn more about it our guide or use the below steps to activate it yourself.

1. Head to the Officely home page.

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Settings.

3. Select the Your Preferences tab.

4. Scroll down to Recurring Bookings and click Enable.

Once you do that you can specify how frequently you'd like to be in the office and on what days in particular.

3. Sync your Slack status

Once enabled, our status sync will add a 🏒 emoji to your status to show when you are in the office.

To set up head to the Officely Home and scroll down to the bottom to find Settings.

All you need to do is scroll down, and next to the Slack Status box click Sync Slack Status.

You will then be taken through an approval flow.

4. Use Gmail? Integrate your Gcal!

Officely offers integration with your Google Calendar so that all your office days are synced in your calendar.

Follow our help center article to learn how to integrate Officely with GCal!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with the support team below.

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