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πŸ‘‹ Employee Introduction to Officely (Flexible Workplace Enablement)
πŸ‘‹ Employee Introduction to Officely (Flexible Workplace Enablement)

Here is everything you need to know to make the most out of Officely's Flexible Workplace Enablement Plan

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Welcome to Officely! We're here to help make flexible work, work. We do this by giving you improved visibility of who is working where. We compliment that with intelligent messaging that helps you decide what office days work best for you!

Follow the steps below to make the most out of Officely 🀩

Click here for a quick video guide

Step 1: Check out Officely's App Home!

Once you're invited to Officely we'll walk you through a couple of onboarding steps, once completed you'll see the home screen of Officely, this is where you'll be adding your working locations. Have a little look get familiar with it and add your working locations for the week 🀩

Step 2: Add your Favourite Coworkers

Add colleagues that you work closest with as your favorites and always be in the known of their working locations.

To set it up just head to: Officely App Home > All Settings > Manage your Favorite coworkers and add them there.

If you choose to be notified when your colleagues have booked in then you'll receive this message with their booking summary.

Step 3: Integrate your Slack Status

Slack status allows you and your colleagues to see at a glance where everyone is working from all in Slack.

To integrate it just head to: Officely App Home > Go to... > All settings > Scroll down to Integrations and Synch your Slack Status.

This is how the Slack statuses will appear:

Step 4: Integrate your Gcal

Synch your Gcal to display your working locations in your Google Calendar so you and your colleagues can easily see and decide whether you should book a meeting room or add a zoom link to your scheduled meeting.

To integrate it just head to: Officely App Home > Go to... > All settings > Scroll down to Integrations and Synch your Google Calendar.

Step 5: Add your Away Days

If you have some away days coming up, we recommend adding them in Officely by heading to: Officely App Home > Go to... > All settings > Scroll down to the away dates modal and add your days there.

This is what your colleagues will be able to see on the Officely Home Page

And this is what your Slack status will look like when you're away

Step 6: Customise your bookings with Extras and Notes

If your workplace has any extras to offer then you can add them by heading to: More actions > Modify booking

Click on Extras and book your extra

You can also add a note to your booking if there is any extra information that you'd like to communicate to your team

This is how the note will look once you've added it

Step 7: Add a Routine

If you have set days that you tend to go to the office then setting up a Routine might help! The Routine will book you into the days that you've added for weeks ahead so you don't need to.

To set it up just go to: Officely App Home > Go to... > All Settings > Manage Your Routine > (When adding office days make sure you add your preferred neighborhood).

Once you finish setting up your Routine it will look something like this.

If at any point you'd like to change your Routine just head to Manage Routine > Scroll all the way down and click on 'Cleare routine for all days'. This will reset your Routine so you can start over again.

Step 8: Enable One-Click Bookings

If you have a favorite neighborhood or area of the office that you prefer to sit at, then it might be helpful to enable one-click bookings to make the booking process even quicker!

Just head to Officely > Go to... > All settings > Click on Configure next to One Click bookings

The next step is to tick yes and switch on one-click bookings

Now add your preferred neighborhoods

Click save and you're good to go! Now you'll be able to book into the office with just one click.

Here's a quick video walking you through the steps:

You're all set! If you need any help or have any questions reach out to one of our team members who will be more than happy to help 🀩

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