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πŸ“ How do I export data for past bookings?
πŸ“ How do I export data for past bookings?
Find out who was booked into the office and when, and export the data of any timeframe.
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Note: Premium and Office Manager (admin) only feature

If you'd like to see who was booked into the office yesterday, a week before or a month before you can do this by exporting the booking data.

How Can You Use Exported Booking Data?

Having the ability to export, view and analyze booking data allows Office Managers and those in charge of the Officely app to discover patterns and trends in their employees' office choices.

From the data, you can adapt your hybrid work strategy around which days are most popular to come into the office (and find out why!).

Exporting Steps

  1. Head to Officely home and click on the Officely Insights button.

2. In the top-right of your dashboard, you'll see the option to Export your Insights data.

3. Choose the booking data you want to export

Select from the custom date ranges and the type of booking data stored by Officely, then click the CSV button.

And you're done!

You'll shortly receive a CSV report via direct message from Officely showing you the office booking data.

Need more help? Here's a step by step video:

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