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How to get set up with Office Broadcast

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Note: This feature is only available on the Flexible Work Enablement Plan

Want your colleagues to know who will be in the office at a glance without leaving your Slack channel? Set up the Office Broadcast and it will take care of this for you! You'll receive daily updates showing who is going to be in the office either that day or the following day (however you choose to set it up). Oh, and it also promotes great in-person collaboration opportunities in your office!

Here is an example of a daily broadcast:

How to Set up Office Broadcast

Simply go to the Officely App Home > Go to...> Settings > Offices > Three dots on the right > Office Broadcast and switch it on

Step 1: Choose which channel to broadcast to. You can choose any public channel such as #general or a channel specific to your office like #london-office.

Step 2: Choose whether you want to broadcast who is going into the office that day or the next day.

This is down to personal preference. If a lot of your colleagues have long commutes, it might be worth giving them more notice and set it to send the day before.

๐Ÿ’กOfficely tip! If you choose to send it out the day before, it will send your message for Monday on the last working day of the week, not on the Sunday.

Step 3: Choose the broadcast time. If you choose to send the broadcast of who is the office today you will be offered morning slots. Whereas, if you choose to broadcast who is in the office the following day you will be offered evening slots.

Step 4: Click close and you're all done!

Need more help? Reach out to one of the members of our team who will be more than happy to help!

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