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Allow your team to book car parking spaces, lunches, dogs in the office and more.

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Office Extras allow you to create any bookable extra for your team.

These could include resources such as parking spaces, bike racks, whiteboards etc, or other things such as booking lunches or bringing in pets.

Here's how to set them up so your team can add them to their booking!

Step 1:

Head to Officely App Home > Go to... > Bookable extras

Step 2:

Click on 'Add Your Own'

Step 3:

Name your extra and add an emoji (you can also only choose to make it available on certain days as well as limit how many extras are available that day)

Step 4:

Click Create and head back to Officely App Home. You'll be able to select your extra when adding your working status and booking into the office.

Configuring Extras

To configure your Extras you can either create a new extra by clicking 'Add Your Own' or configure an existing extra by clicking on three dots next to the extra and selecting 'Configure'.

How to enable an Extra

Once you are ready, to enable your extra, click on the three dots and select "Enable".

See who has booked an extra

There are a few ways you can see who has booked an extra. The easiest is to view the emojis listed against someone's name in Officely.

Alternatively, you can also filter the attendees list to only show people who have booked a particular extra

Need more help? Reach out to one of our team members who will be more than happy to help! 🀩

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