If you are inviting guests into the office, whether they be clients or contractors, it's important to add them into Officely so that they are included in contact tracing and your office managers can see who is in the office each day.

How to add guests

Open up Officely and click 'View More' on the day you wish to invite a guest. Scroll down to the guest area and click on the 'Add Guest' search box.

Then click 'Create'.

You'll then be asked to add the name and email address of the guest (no email will be sent to the guest) and then click 'Create'.

You'll then be able to see the guest added in the guest's section.

That guest will be saved so you can easily add them to future days without entering their details again.

Who can see my guests?

Only you and the Officely admins can see that you have a guest coming in.

Can I book a desk for my guests?

No, not at the moment. That feature is coming soon, however.

Is my guest sent an email?

No, Officely doesn't contact your guest.

Are guests included in contact tracing?

Yes, all guests will be included in contact tracing.

Need more help? Here's step by step video:

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