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πŸ”– How to remove or add people to the office
πŸ”– How to remove or add people to the office

Book in on behalf of others and remove people from the office

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NOTE: This is an admin and premium only feature

Sometimes you might need to book someone else into the office or modify or remove someone if they are incorrectly booked in. You can do that with admin bookings.

How to Find Manage Attendees

Open Officely and go to the relevant date and click See Details. Scroll down to the Attendees section and click Manage Attendees.

How to book on behalf of someone else

Once you have opened up the Manage Attendees modal, click 'Add people' at the top.

Then select the necessary person from the dropdown and select the neighbourhood you wish them to join.

You also have the option of where you want to notify them of the booking.

Next, click Add.

Here's the message they will receive:

How to remove people from the office

Open up the Manage attendees popup (as above) and search for the person you want to remove using the search box at the top.

Once you have found the right person, click on the three dots to the right of their name.

And then click Remove.

On the next popup, click Delete 1 booking at the bottom and enter a message explaining why they have been removed.

Click Confirm, and it's all done!

How to modify other people's bookings

If someone has booked into the wrong neighbourhood or they have forgotten to book an office extra (such as a car parking space), you can amend that for them.

Follow the steps above, however this time, when you find the person you'd like to modify, select Modify instead.

You can then change their neighbourhood and add or delete an office extra. You can also choose whether or not to notify them of this change.

Finally, click Update.

You will see the changes when the popup closes automatically.

Need more help? Feel free to reach out to one of the team members who will be more than happy to help!

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