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Make Changes to Your Officely Account
πŸ“… How to change your working week?
πŸ“… How to change your working week?
Don't work Monday to Friday? Here's how to change your Calendar
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If your office doesn't operate Monday to Friday, five days a week. You can change the days your employees are able to book into the office.

To get started, open Officely within Slack.

  1. Then select Settings, and find Offices at the top of the page

  2. Select the three dots to the right of the office you'd like to amend and click on Settings

  3. Scroll down to Calendar and under Working week, select Update.

  4. You can then enter the days of the week you want your office open.

    πŸ’‘ It's important that the days are in order. For example, if the start of your working week is Sunday, make sure you put Sunday first and then Monday, Tuesday etc.

Need more help? Follow our video step-by-step, and reach out to our team if you run into any issues.

☝️ Note: some parts of this video may show an outdated user interface

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