If you have 2 or more people booked into the office, you can now start a conversation with them without disturbing those who are working remotely 🎉

Officely does this by creating a private channel in Slack and adding or removing people depending on whether or not they are booked in

Getting Started

Go to Officely and find the Office Chat button in the top menu bar

☝️ Note: This button will only appear if you have 2 or more people booked into the office for the current day, so be sure to check that is the case beforehand

Next up, a popup will open giving you the option to start a chat - go ahead and click that

Officely will create a new private channel with a unique name in the format of office-chat-{YOUR_OFFICE_NAME}-{CURRENT_DATE} . Anyone who is booked into the office for that day will be included in this channel. Anyone who joins afterwards will automatically be added too

☝️ Click the name of the channel to view the conversation

Archiving and cleaning up

At the end of the day, Officely will automatically archive the channel. This means you don't need to worry about cleaning up and you can always look back through your archived channels should you wish to view your messages at a later date

Trouble Shooting

Sometimes Office Chat can break if Officely is removed from the channel or if the channel is archived prematurely. It is therefore important to only let Officely manage this channel.

Someone archived the channel early

If you get the error message below, someone has archived the channel.

To fix this, you will need to go back to the channel and unarchive it Channels -> Browse channels -> Filter -> Private channel -> click on the relevant channel -> click on the channel name at the top -> Settings -> Unarchive this channel

Someone removed Officely from the channel

If this wasn't you, there's a good chance one of your coworkers has removed Officely from the channel. To fix this issue, you will need to go to the channel and type /invite @officely

My channel isn't automatically archiving at the end of the day

This can happen if your workspace settings don't allow regular users to archive private channels. Unfortunately Slack treats Officely like a regular user, therefore the channel cannot be archived. The workaround is to manually archive channels after each day

Error connecting

Unfortunately, this one is a little harder to diagnose! Usually, it's a temporary issue which fixes itself after waiting a few minutes. However, if it persists, please get in touch with our support team using the chat icon below

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