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➖ How to remove deactivated users from Officely
➖ How to remove deactivated users from Officely
Remove bookings from deactivated users (admin only)
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If an employee leaves the company and they still have some future bookings booked through concierge, you can manage them by scrolling down the Officely homepage to Settings.

Settings > Offices > View Members > Scroll down > Click on Remove Someone > Type in the name of the User > Done

Trouble Shooting

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when removing the employees. One being, users will only show up in the office members list if they have chosen that office as their primary office.

Removing employees from the office will only affect the user’s bookings for that office, it will not remove them from any other offices that they have booked into.

Because of this behaviour, we recommend that customers remove user bookings for other offices manually by using the manage attendees functionality:

Need more help? Here's a step by step video:

👆 The video above contains an outdated Officely interface. If you have any questions, please reach out!

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