Intro to Neighbourhoods and Desks

The Neighbourhood and Desk feature is designed to help you and your team choose where you want to sit and to have easy visibility over who sits where.

This is a step by step guide to set-up your neighbourhoods and desks

Step one:

Click on the Officely app (it's on the left hand side task bar)

Step two:

Head to Settings

Step three:

Click on the Offices (highlighted in green below)

Step four:

Click on the three dots (next to an office you'd like to work on) and select neighbourhoods/desks

Step five:

Scroll down and click on create

What are neighbourhoods?

Neighbourhoods represent the banks of desks in your office.

How to set up the neighbourhoods?

1. Name

First step is to give the neighbourhood a name. This will ensure the employees know what area of the office they are booking into. For example you could call a neighbourhood as Sales, Product, Operations neighbourhood etc.

2. Desk count

Second of all it's important to add the desk count of each neighbourhood/bank of desks. Once you know the desk count of each neighbourhood you can proceed by adding it to the neighbourhood that represents the specific area of your office. This will allow you to manage the office capacity efficiently.

Note: If you leave the desk count as blank it will automatically assign and infinite amount of desks available.

3. Category

Third step is optional but useful if you want to group neighbourhoods together. For example you could add a category of Ground Floor, 1st Floor, etc.

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