Whether it's someone's birthday or an important update you'd like to share with your team, this can all be done with the Officely announcements feature!

This feature allows you to pin the announcements to the given day and/or share them to a slack channel of choice.

💡 Everyone has access to this feature!

Step-by-step guide

1. Creating an Announcement

To create an announcement head to Officely Home page > Click on Announcements > Click add an announcement

2. Announcement Date

Now select the date the announcement applies to (you can even add a date range if you'd like it to appear for more than one day)

3. Announcement Category

Now select the type of announcement that you'd like to make

4. Type in your announcement

Time to shine, add your announcement! (don't forget to include an emoji 👀)

5. Time to share!

You are now ready to share your announcement with the team! In this step, you can choose if you'd just like to pin the announcement to the given day or chose to broadcast it to a channel of choice.

6. Result

This is what it will look like once shared to a channel of choice:

Here is a video guiding you step by step:

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