Note: This is part two of setting up your neighbourhoods and desks. If you haven't yet read part one then please click here for a 'Step by Step' guide in setting up your desks.

Four suggested ways to set up your neighbourhoods and desks:

  1. Hot-desks

Creating a hot-desking area works well if your employees don't need to allocate a desk. They just simply need to book into the office and on arrival choose their desk.

Here is an example attached:

Note: If there is just one neighbourhood created for the entire office then the employee's will automatically be booked into hot-desks (when clicking join) without having to specify what area of the office they are booking into

Here is an example of hot-desks with an additional neighbourhood created:

Note: If there are two or more neighbourhoods created then the employee's will need to specify the area of the office they are booking into.

2. Neighbourhoods

The neighbourhood concept works well if your teams sit together in a specific area of the office and at a specific bank of desks. This could be categorised as a Sales (neighbourhood) or a Product (neighbourhood) or Collaboration space etc. Designing the neighbourhoods/bank of desks ensures that the teams are seated together.

Here is an example attached:

3. Desks

You can also create assigned desks. This works well if your employees need to be able to book into a specific desk in the office. Or if you need to assign specific desks to specific people.

Here is an example attached:

4. Combination of the above

Creating neighbourhoods, specific desks and hot desks. This ensures you get the best of all options.

Here is an example attached:

Note: If it works for your organisation, we really encourage you to use Neighbourhoods (option 2). It makes it much easier for your team to book into the office (rather than having to select from many desk options) and as result, means that more employees will use Officely.

All set!

You're done! Now your employees will be able to book into the office.

Here is a step by step video that dives deep into the neighbourhood and desk setup:

Last few tips

Your Primary Neighbourhood/Desk

To save your team time they can set a Primary Neighbourhood or Desk. This is the Neighbourhood or Desk that they prefer to sit in. For example, if they are in the sales team, this will likely be the Sales Neighbourhood.

You can change your Primary Neighbourhood or Desk by going to Settings -> Your Neighbourhood -> Change Neighbourhood.

Book into a different Neighbourhood

If you want to sit in a different Neighbourhood for a day, for example if you are normally in the Sales Neighbourhood but you want to sit in the Marketing Neighbourhood. You can do that by clicking 'View More' on the Officely Home Page and then click 'Change Neighbourhood'.

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