Allow your team to see where particular neighbourhoods and desks are located using a floor plan.

NB: Officely doesn't create a floor plan for you. We just allow you to add your own floor plan so that your employees can easily access it when booking into the office.

If you don't already have a floor plan, Room Sketcher is an easy to use resource.


Step 1: Save your floor plan in a file that your employees can access (eg in a Google Drive or Dropbox folder or equivalent) and copy the link

Step 2: Open Officely and click 'Settings'

Step 3: Click 'Offices' at the top

Step 4: Click on the three dots to the right of the office you wish to add a floor plan to

Step 5: Click 'Settings'

Step 6: Scroll down to Floor Plan and click 'Add'

Step 7: Add the link to the image of your floor plan. This should be hosted in Google Drive Dropbox or equivalent

Step 8: Click 'Add'

Great, that's all done. Head back to the Officely home screen and there should now be a link to the Floor Plan at the top 👇. All your employees will now be able to view that before booking a desk.

Need further help? Here's a step by step video:

☝️ Note: some parts of this video may reference an outdated user interface

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