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Everything you need to know about how to setup and use Find a Room, our same-day meeting room booking feature.
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NOTE: This is a premium feature for paid plans only.

Find a Room is our same-day meeting room booking feature. It displays a list of meeting rooms and the times at which they are available at the start of each day.

Officely Find a Room is integrated with Google Calendar, so all room availability is accurate even if it wasn’t booked out through the Officely app. As people book into the rooms throughout the day, the availability will reflect this.

Follow our step-by-step guide to set up Find a Room on your Officely account. You'll need to have Google meeting rooms set up before you jump in.

👉 Haven't set up a Google meeting room before? Jump to the bottom of our article to learn how.

How to Set up Find a Room

It's pretty straightforward to set up Find a Room, although you’re going to need admin privileges to your Google Workspace in order to complete the process.

If you don’t have this yet, you can either add your system administrator to Officely as an admin, or have them help you out during the setup.

Once you're in, you can get started.

Part 1: How to Set up Find a Room Within Google

First of all, you’ll need to give Officely delegated access to your workspace.

This essentially gives us the ability to view and book meeting rooms within your office.

To do this, go to Domain Wide Delegation, found in:

Google Admin (select Show More) → Security → Access and data control → API controls → Domain-wide delegation → Manage Domain Wide Delegation

Now, we need to add a new API client. All you need to do is enter the following into the respective fields:

Officely Client ID


Enter the following scopes



Hit authorize and we’re done!

💡 The second part (which is far easier) is done back in Officely in the modal below!

Part 2: Set up Find a Room Within Officely

On the Officely homepage, you should notice a brand new tab named Find a Room. Click it to get started.

When the popup appears asking for you to Connect Google Workspace, you'll need to enter:

  1. Your Customer ID (obtained from your Google Admin console (at admin.google.com) Go to Menu Account > Account settings > Profile.

  2. The email address of the G Suite Admin who set up the integration.

Finally, hit test connection.

We’ll then look for access to your Google account - unless you have multiple buildings within your Google workspace, this should complete the process.

If you do happen to have multiple buildings, you’ll be prompted to match them up with your Officely offices so that we know which meeting rooms to show.

If your connection still isn’t working or you’re running into problems then please do reach out to support and we’ll help troubleshoot!

How to Setup Meeting Rooms in Google Calendar

As the admin of your workspace, you have the ability to add Resources to your team's Google Calendar. The most popular Resource is a meeting room.

When you've created your meeting rooms within Google, Officely will pull this information into the Find a Room space on the Officely app.

But first, you need to create your meeting room resources within Google. You can follow Google's :

  1. Head to the Admin Console in Google and click on the Apps icon

  2. Click on Google Worskpace

  3. Go to Calendar, found at the top.

  4. Within Calendar, click on Resources to expand the dropdown.

  5. Click on the Create a New Resource button.

  6. Type in the name of the Meeting Room, e.g. Meeting Room 1, and within Resource Type, name it a Meeting Room.

    You can use the description to better identify the meeting room, e.g. The largest meeting room on the first floor.

    Once this is filled in, hit Save changes.

💡 If you want to create multiple options for your meeting rooms, repeat steps 5 & 6, and use the below steps to check it's worked!

  1. Go to Google Calendar and click anywhere to create a meeting.

  2. Next to the pin button, click on Add rooms or locations.

  3. Use the All Rooms & Resources popup to find the room you'd like to assign your meeting to.

    You can find rooms within each office space you occupy.

Ready to use Officely's Find a Room? Head to the top of the article to integrate Officely with your Google calendar and get started in no time!

Need more help? Here's a step by step video:

Part 1

Part 2

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