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Get Started With Officely (Admins) for Slack
πŸš€ How to Successfully Launch Officely
πŸš€ How to Successfully Launch Officely

Tips on how to successfully launch Officely to your Team

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We know that introducing new software to the team can be challenging, thankfully Officely lives in Slack which means your colleagues don't need to download yet another app, phew! That's one less step to do. Just follow the steps below for a successful launch πŸ’ƒ ps these steps are tried and tested so we know they really do work!

Step 1: Company Intro Call

Once you're all set up and ready to launch Officely we recommend scheduling a company-wide call and taking 15 minutes to introduce Officely to your team. If it's a busy period of time for the company then another option could be to introduce it during your next company all-hands call.

If you're able to schedule it then this will work to your advantage as it will give you full employee attention which means they are more likely to listen and take it all in and ask you questions during the call.

This will give you an opportunity to sell Officely to the team and explain the reasons behind your implementation of it.

Step 2: Team Invites

Now that you've introduced Officely on the call the next step is to send out the invites πŸ’ƒ To send them out just head to Officely App Home and click on add employees. There you'll have an option to invite them individually or by tagging the general channel and inviting everyone from the company.

Step 3: Comms

You're almost done, the next step is to send a Slack message letting the employees know that you've just sent them the invitations to join Officely. We'll also send an email invite alongside the Slack invite just in case they've missed it.

ps feel free to attach this Employee Intro to Officely article (if you're on the Flexible Workplace Enablement Plan)

And this article if you're on the Simple Desk Booking plan

Step 4: Lead by example

The last but not least step is an extremely important one and that is to lead by example. If you get the leadership team's buy-in from the get go then the launch will be super successful! Invite them to your Officely's presentation to stress why Officely is important for the company and how it's going to help everyone. Invite the leadership team to be the first ones to add their working statuses (or book them in on their behalf) and the employees will follow!

Let us know if you have any questions or need any help πŸ€—

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