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Here’s how to resend invitations to your teammates to encourage them to book into the office via Officely.

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💡 Resend Invitations is part of Office Insights, a premium feature.

Our latest analytics update displays the booking behaviors and trends of those coming into the office.

To make the most of this feature, it’s important all of your team is using Officely, so you have reliable data on who’s coming in, when, and why.

Our latest release, Resend Invitations, is an update to Officely Insights that shows Officely admins who in their team still need to activate an Officely account.

You can then use the Invite button to resend the invitation and encourage team members to book into the office.

How to Use Resend Invitations

  1. Head to Officely Home and click on Insights or head to https://getofficely.com/app

  2. Scroll down to view your team. Next to each individual, you will either see how often they’ve been in this week, or a button to Send or Resend an invite to join Officely.

  3. Click on Send Invite to invite a user to Officely for the first time, or Resend Invite to ask your team member to join again.

    Here’s what your coworkers will see when you invite or reinvite them to join Officely. 👇

  4. You’ll know your coworker has accepted the invitation to join Officely if their name is now displaying data in Insight’s Recent Activity section!

💡 Still need to explore Officely Insights? Get started here.

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