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✔️Getting Started With Officely Checklist (Flexible Workplace Enablement)
✔️Getting Started With Officely Checklist (Flexible Workplace Enablement)

All the steps you need to take to get fully setup!

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Here is everything you need to know to get fully set up with Officely 🤩

Welcome to Officely!

Officely makes flexible work, really work. See who is working where each day - whether they are in the office, at home or travelling. Get personalized suggestions for the best office days and arrive to find everything you need—from a desk to your lunch order—ready and waiting.

Step 1 - Setting up your office

Your Office is the location your employees will check in to when they book their desks.

Head to the Officely app then go to the following:

Officely App Home

Click on Go to... and scroll down to All Settings

Here you can add additional office admins, add a floor plan, office closure dates and anything else that you'd like to add.

Add office emoji: This will help you to distinguish offices from one another

Step 2 - Creating neighborhoods/desks

Now you're ready to create your office layout! Just head to: Officely App Home > Go to... > Neighborhoods & desks > Click Create > Now you're ready to create your office layout!

Click on 'Create'

And add the name of your neighborhood alongside the number of desks available

Step 3 - Managing your Working Statuses

To manage the statuses that you'd like to be available on the home page just head to: Officely App Home > Go to... > All Settings > Account & Billing. Here you can remove any statuses that you wouldn't like to be available on the home page.

Step 4 - Creating office extras

This is a really fun step! If you have some office extras available such as lunches, snacks, or if you allow fluffy pets into the office, you can definitely add this to the Office Extras! Here is how to do that:

Head to the Officely App Home > Go to... > Bookable extras

Click on 'Add your own' to create new extras

Tip: You can make some extras only available on certain days of the week, with a specified or unlimited amount of items available.

Step 4 - Creating Office Announcements

Office announcements are great at communicating anything fun that might be happening in the office! They're also helpful if you have any notices that you might like to share with the team.

To create an announcement just head to: Officely App Home > Go to... > Announcements

Once you create an announcement you can choose if you'd like for it to broadcast to a channel of choice, if you choose to send it to a channel the announcement will look something like this:

It will also be pinned to the date that the announcement is for on Officely's Home Page

Step 5 - Setting up Find A Room

Find a room allows you and the team to book meeting rooms on the day. This helps to avoid any last-minute conflict and ensures real-time visibility of all the rooms available.

Follow this article here for a step-by-step guide on getting set up.

Step 6 - Integrating HRIS

There are two reasons to integrate your HRIS:

Help your employees know the best days to meet up in the office

One of the downsides of flexible work is employees feeling isolated staying at home not knowing when to come into the office, causing collaboration opportunities to dwindle. By integrating your HRIS, Officely will be able to suggest the best days to go into the office based on who else will be there. For example you might receive a message telling you your boss is in the office, or someone from your team is travelling for a one off visit, or even a new joiner that you should help get bedded into the team by being present.

Single source of truth for vacation and sick days

If your employees record their leave in your HRIS it will automatically be reflected in Officely so you don't need to keep both systems updated.

Step 7 - Inviting Employees

After setting everything up you're finally ready to invite your colleagues to Officely! To invite them just head to: Officely App Home > Click on Add Employees and invite your team. You can either invite them individually or by selecting the general channel and inviting everyone at once.

To invite everybody from the company type in: general

To invite a team type in: marketing (or whichever channel you'd like to invite)

Lastly to invite an individual type in their name: kristinasemcenko

Step 8 - Turning on Office Broadcast

Office Broadcast is a great feature to bring visibility to you and the team!

Once enabled, it will broadcast a message on a daily basis showing you who will be in the office today or tomorrow.

Not only does Officely Broadcast provide visibility, but it also encourages collaboration. You are more likely to come into the office if you know that your teammates are also going in.

To get set up, simply head to: Officely App Home > All Settings > Offices > Three dots on the right > Office Broadcast > Click on switch on to enable the broadcast.

Choose the Slack Channel that you'd like to Broadcast to go out to

Choose if you prefer a name preview or profile picture view

Lastly, select the time that you'd like the broadcast to go out

And you're good to go! This is what the broadcast will look like going forward:

Step 9 - Starting the office chat

At Officely, we absolutely adore this functionality and we use it almost every day! Office chat is great for setting up lunches, organising events and sharing any notices you may have for the day.

To start the chat all you need is to have at least two people booked into the office. You can find it by heading to: Officely App Home > More actions > Click on start ofice chat.

Here's an example of how we use office chat at Officely:

Step 10 - Synching your Slack & Gcal Integrations

Synching your Slack status will ensure that you and your colleagues are always in the know who is working where at a glance.

To set it up follow these steps: Go to Officely App Home > Go to... > Your Preferences > Click on Sync Slack Status. You will then be taken through an approval flow.

Google Calendar Integration will ensure that all your working locations are showing in your Gcal, making it easier for you and your colleagues to collaborate and arrange meetings.

To set it up follow these steps: Go to Officely App Home > Go to... > Your Preferences > Click on Connect Google Calendar. You will then be taken through an approval flow.

Step 11 - Checking Office Insights

After you've launched Officely and invited your teammates it's time to check out your Insights and get a better understanding of your Office Usage. You can also take a glance and check if anyone hasn't accepted their invitation and resend it to them.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with the team!

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