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πŸ’ͺ Get the highest adoption of Officely - Flexible Plan
πŸ’ͺ Get the highest adoption of Officely - Flexible Plan

Follow the steps bellow to boost the adoption of Officely

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Here are our top tips for getting the highest adoption of Officely. Part 1 will cover top features to implement when launching Officely to the team and Part 2 will focus on the relaunch of Officely. This will be helpful for you if you've noticed your adoption has dropped after using it for some time.

Part 1: Features to boost the adoption

Before we jump into the features it's worth noting that when launching or relaunching Officely to the team we recommend taking the time to properly introduce Officely and explain the reason you've decided to start using it. This helps to get the employee buy-in and therefore boosts the adoption.

  1. Enabling the broadcast will ensure that your colleagues are always in the know of who will be in the office the following day. The broadcast brings visibility, serves as a reminder to book in, and sometimes creates a little bit of FOMO, encouraging others to book in.

Announcements are a great way of sharing anything exciting that is happening in the office. It also works great if you need to share any notices with the team. Using this feature will keep the employees updated and informed about what's happening in the office and will help them decide what day they might want to come into the office.

This is what the announcement will look like on the app home.

Setting up the favorite coworkers feature keeps the team in the know when their closest colleagues will next be in. This makes it easier to schedule their office days. It also creates a new app home view that they can toggle and see the favorite coworker view only.

Enabling this feature will make it easier for the employees to know where their colleagues are located that day at a glance, all without leaving Slack.

Integrating Gcal with Officely will add employee working statuses to their Gcal which will enable their teammates to see where they will be located and schedule calls and meeting rooms accordingly.

Part 2: Officely Relaunch

If you've noticed that Officely's adoption has dropped we have some tips that will help you boost it back up again! We've seen customers have very successful relaunches so here are the steps we recommend that you follow.

  1. Demo Call

After some time of using Officley your employees might have forgotten the reason Officely was implemented and therefore not see the value that it brings to them and the team. In this case, we recommend that you reintroduce Officely during your next company call or you might want to schedule a quick 15min lunch and learn where you explain why you are using Officely and what your expectations from the team are, and how it will make everyone's lives easier!

2. Ensure everyone has accepted the Officely invite

You can check if everybody has accepted the invite by accessing Office Insights. Just head to Officely App Home > Office Insights and resend the invitations to those who haven't accepted them yet.

3. Send out a Slack Message

Send out a Slack Message once you've reintroduced Officely to your team during the company call and confirmed that everyone has been invited.

The message can be as simple as:
'Hey everyone, as mentioned during the call, we are so excited for us all to make the most out of Officely! We want to ensure that everyone has visibility of who is working where to help you collaborate and make the most out of your office days together. If you have any questions feel free to reach out. Here is Officely's step-by-step guide on how to make the most out of Officely.'

4. Enable and encourage the usage of features we mention in Part 1

Let us know if you have any questions or would like any further help with this πŸ€—

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